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Commercial Buldings:  



Architectural Renderings are useful for commercial applications in helping to satisfy city officials and neighborhood residents as to how the building will appear when complete.  It can also be used to help build customer interest when used to show what the new facilities will look like.

Most people wouldn't think about doing a residential visualization due to the extra expense involved.  But, if there is any question about how something is going to look when complete, it's far cheaper to change it before it's built than after.  Doing a visualization allows you to see just how it will look when it's complete.


Visualizations can often be used by City, County, and State Governments to help with gaining support for proposed projects.  Often, these projects are funded by bond issues which require that an election process take place.  Having a visualization so that the citizens can see what they are voting on can help in passing these bond issues.

Churches often use an architects rendering of the proposed building or perhaps renovation or addition to help with their fund raising efforts.  The visualizations are also a great way for the architect to make his vision clear to the building committee or congregation.


Schools and colleges can utilize presentation renderings to help in preparing for voting on tax increases, applying for grants, and other fund raising efforts.  They are also a good way to help build enthusiasm with the teachers, students, parents, and the local community.

Animations, walk throughs and fly bys, can be used to give a better feel for the overall scope of the project and how it will appear as you walk through the building or around it when complete.  Animations are great when making a presentation to a large or small gathering where a large screen TV can be used to take a virtual walk trough the building.


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