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Our Mission:

Turner Diversified Services is dedicated to providing top quality 3d services for architects, in the way of 3d architectural presentations, 3d models, and architectural animations, for a reasonable price.  We at TDS would like to see the architectural industry providing architectural renderings of all their projects to better visualize the finished project.  We can help you save money!  It's much less expensive to redesign the look of a project via the photo realistic rendering than via brick and mortar.

Our Background:

Turner Diversified Services has been in business for 7 years providing Architectural Presentation services and 3d rendering services to several architectural firms in the way of photo realistic renderings, 3d models, and architectural animations.  We are currently focusing our business in the direction of 3d Visualization, walk throughs, and panoramas.

The owner of Turner Diversified Services, James E. Turner, has a broad background in both residential and commercial construction.  He grew up working in the family business of residential construction and retail building materials being involved in all aspects of the business.  He spent 12 years working as a superintendent for commercial contractors managing projects such as: high end residential, retail space, churches, banks, hospitals, long term care facilities, and telecommunications and 2 years as a project manager for a general contractor.

Turner Diversified Services works nationwide and in Canada with architects and others providing 3d Visualizations and animations using the internet, fax, overnight delivery services, and telephone to coordinate the work.

Virtual Tours of existing buildings are available Western Arkansas area.  Special arrangements and pricing for requests outside this area can be made by contacting us directly.

Why use 3d Photo Realistic Presentations?

Advantages of using 3d Photo Realistic Presentations:

Architectural presentations allow Architects and their clients to visualize what the finished building will look like by using 3d images.  Many times Architects have visualized in their minds how a project will look when completed only to find out that something just didn’t look quite right when the transformation from paper to wood, steel, and bricks is complete.  3d photo realistic presentations allow the architect to work out issues before their client even knows about a potential problem.

From the client's standpoint, it allows them to see what the architect has designed as it will look when complete.  Many people who do not work with architectural drawings have a hard time visualizing how a building will look when complete just by looking at floor plans and elevations.  By doing a 3d photo realistic architectural rendering and working out any problems before construction begins it can sometimes save many thousands of dollars or not being completely satisfied with the finished product.

The small cost of creating an architectural presentation is nothing compared to what it could cost in change orders to re-design and re-construct a building feature after the construction has begun.

 Services Available:

3d Photo Realistic Renderings:

Photo realistic renderings, or architectural presentations,  are "still" shots of certain building features or elevations that can show how a building will look when complete.

Architectural walk Through or Flybys:

An architectural walk through is an animation of the camera to simulate what you would see by walking through a building.  A flyby shows how a building would look from the exterior much as a bird might see the building.


Panoramas are special “pictures” that allow you to interactively look around, up, or down much as you would be able to do if you were standing in a building and looking at the architecture.  An “animated” panorama is a series of these “panoramas” taken along a path through the building which allows you to “jump” from one spot to the next as you “walk” through the building so that as you follow the path you can look at all parts of the building.

Object Animation:

An object animation combines the flyby and the panorama in that it allows the architect or client to interactively move around the building or object as well as up and down.  To look at the building from 360 degrees horizontally and from 0 to as much as 90 degrees vertically.  The mouse is used to turn the object or elevate the viewpoint.


The cost of work varies from the single still shots being the least expensive to the true walk through or flyby being the most expensive with the panoramas and object animations falling somewhere in between.

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